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Shot List

  1. Black screen with quote. (quote white on black, in Gill Sans) 10 secs
  2. Close up, art work 1 sec
  3. Close up, art work 1 sec
  4. Close up, ink bottles 1 sec
  5. Close up, tattoo gun into ink 7 secs
  6. Close up, Sophie Gibbons working 2 secs
  7. Mid shot, Sophie Gibbons working 2 secs
  8. Close up zooming out, ink bottles 2 secs
  9. Mid shot, behind the shoulder Gibbons working 2 secs
  10. Close up, Gibbons hand with tattoo gun 2 secs
  11. Close up, tattoo gun 3 secs
  12. Extreme close up, tattoo gun 1 sec
  13. Long shot, Male tattooist working 2 secs
  14. Mid shot, Gibbons tattooing male 3 secs
  15. Extreme close up, Gibbons drawing on arm 5 secs
  16. Close up, Gibbons wiping arm 2 secs
  17. Close up, end of a tattoo gun 2 sec
  18. Close up, ink pots 1 secs
  19. Close up, Gibbons tattooing 8 secs
  20. Mid shot, tattoo gun in ink pot 4 secs
  21. Mid shot, tattoo gun 1 sec
  22. Close up, tattoo gun 1 sec
  23. Close up, tattoo gun and ink pots 1 sec
  24. Long shot, Gibbons tattooing 3 secs
  25. Mid shot, Gibbons tattooing 4 secs
  26. Close up, Gibbons tattooing 6 secs
  27. Close up, Art work 1 sec
  28. Mid shot, Art work 1 sec
  29. Close up, tattoo gun 1 sec
  30. Close up, ink pots 1 sec
  31. Extreme long, Jessi James and tattoo studio 1 sec
  32. Long shot, Jessi James tattooing 1 sec
  33. Mid shot, Jessi James tattooing 6 secs
  34. Close up, James tattooing 6 secs
  35. Mid shot, James tattooing 2 secs
  36. Extreme close, tattoo gun/ needle in use 5 secs
  37. Mid shot, James tattooing 6 secs
  38. Extreme close up, tattoo 3 secs
  39. Mid shot, James tattooing 7 secs
  40. Mid shot, James tattooing 3 secs
  41. Close up, Jessi James face focus gun not in focus 5 secs
  42. Extreme close up, Tattoo gun in use 3 secs
  43. Extreme close up, Tattoo gun in use 12 secs
  44. Mid shot, foreground client back ground tattooist 4 secs
  45. Extreme close up, tattoo gun/ needle on skin 6 secs
  46. Long shot, James tattooing client 3 secs
  47. Close zooming out to mid, focused on tattoo gun zooms out to focus James 9 secs
  48. Mid shot, James tattooing 5 secs
  49. Close up, pans from James to tattoo gun 9 secs
  50. Extreme close up, Tattooing 3 secs
  51. Close up, James wiping tattoo 9 secs
  52. Mid shot, pans from James to client 10 secs
  53. Black Screen 1 sec
  54. Close up, Caroline Derwent tattooing 3 secs
  55. Close up, Tattoo gun in use 4 secs
  56. Long shot, Derwent tattooing womans back 10 secs
  57. Close up, Derwent tattooing back 11 secs
  58. Close up, Derwent tattooing 2 secs
  59. Extreme close up, tattoo gun 2 secs
  60. Close up, Derwent tattooing back 4 secs
  61. Mid shot, man tattooing woman 2 secs
  62. Mid shot, women looking at tattoo portfolios 6 secs
  63. Close up, woman’s face as she draws 1 sec
  64. Close up, woman drawing 1 sec
  65. Mid shot, woman tattooing man’s leg 1 sec
  66. Close up fades to black, woman tattooing 4 secs
  67. Black screen with title, Pins & Needles (gill sans white on black) fade in and out
  68. Black screen with title, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Emily Woodridge (gill sans white on black) fade in and out
  69. Black screen with title, Thanks to (gill sans white on black) fade in and stays
  70. Black screen with previous title still there, Dust n Bones, Sophie Gibbons, Caroline Derwent fade in and out
  71.  Black screen with 68. still there, Art and Soul, Jessi James 68. and 70. fade out

Background noise throughout the whole film will be buzzing from tattoo guns even when there is not tattooing going, gives the audience the feel of being in the tattoo studio


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Press Pack print screens

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Press Pack Film Poster (click to enlarge)

Press Pack Film Poster
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The Killer Press Pack

Pins & Needles
A statement about the film
Pins & Needles is a documentary about female tattooist in the Plymouth area. The documentary has been produced, filmed and edited by Emily Woodridge, the film was created with no funding.
Click here for Pins & Needles main site
I decided to make the main site on facebook as I feel this is where most of the public will see the final piece. Facebook is a very good advertising space as people are on it 24/7.
The running time of the film is 4:44 I feel this is a good time for the film as it isn’t too short to make the audience want more and it isn’t too long for the audience to get bored.

A statement about you
The reason I became a Filmmaker is because I enjoy educating people. I myself enjoy the feeling of watching something and feel as if I have come out being more knowledgeable about a subject after watching something, and this is what I want to achieve with my films.
Obviously, my preferred style of film making is Documentary. Documentary is about real things, you can manipulate things but it will also be the truth. It will always be fact, it can’t be something made up. And that why I enjoy Documentary, I can educate people.

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This is a documentary on female tattooist in Hong Kong, this film has been made for a few News Companies. You can tell this is more corporate than what I am going for as the voice over is very similar to what you get on News pieces, it gives the film a more formal feel.

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I want my documentary to start with a quote. I think a piece of information/ writing shown to a audience makes them think straight away. It makes an audience interested in what’s coming next.

"There are very few jobs that actually require a penis or vagina. All other jobs should be open to everybody." - Florynce Kennedy
This is the quote I want to use. I feel that it represents what I am trying to say perfectly. The person who said this quote is an activist and feminist, so it goes well with what I am trying to say that woman can do exactly the same as men.

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Virtual Budget

I were doing this int he real world, not a college project, I would have to come up with a budget for the documentary.

Not to discuss budget with anyone…could be tricky if someone is funding your film.. for your first film you will have no funding, personal, or otherwise, and it is possible to make a movie for almost no money, drawing up a hypothetical budget is an excellent exercise… help pervent you from being ripped off in the future… best to set up your budget using a computer spreadsheet.. not complex… names of items, their price list, what expect to pay and what you actually paid.

Everything cost money and I will be looking into all the pieces that cost. There are many different departments in a production that could be used. Obviously because I am doing a documentary I won’t need certain departments such as arts department, SFX department, props department, model making department, hair and make up, costume and wardrobe department. But here are the departments I will be using and their rates for 10 hours.
The 10 hour rate

Production Department
Director £674
Producer £674 
Casting Director £617
Production Manager £440
1st Assistant Director £488
Location Manager £420
2nd Assistant Director £315
Production Assistant £309
Runner £144

Camera Department
Lighting Cameraman £1097
Camera Operator £461
Focus Puller £403
Script Supervisor £403
Senior Video Operator £315
Clapper Loader £315
Video Operator £282

Grips Department
Key Grip / Advanced NVQ Level 3 £403
Grip £370
Crane Technician £270 for 8 hours

Lighting Department
Gaffer £410
Gaffer £328 for 8 hours
Best Boy £365
Best Boy £292 for 8 hours
Electrician £320
Electrician £256 for 8 hours

Rigging Department
Wire Supervisor £550
Wire Technician £430
Master Rigger £390
Master Rigger £312 for 8 hours
Advanced/Electrician Rigger £340
Advanced/Electrician Rigger £272 for 8 hours

Sound Department
Sound Mixer £469
Boom Operator £377
Sound Maintenance £305
Sound Assistant £282


Risk Assessment

Production: Pins & Needles
Date of filming: 01/05/2012 - 23/05/12

Risk: Camera on Tripod
Hazard: Tripping Hazard
Who is at risk? Actor and Camera operator
Safty controls required: Set up camera on tripod properly

Risk: Leads
Hazard: Tripping Hazard, Cables, Mic leads
Who is at risk? Actor and Camera operator
Safty controls required: Put sign up, make everyone aware of leads and tape them down

Risk: Tattoo studio hygiene/ safety
Hazard: Equipment knocking/ getting in the way
Who is at risk? Tattooist and public
Safty controls required: Set up only in reception area do not film in tattooing area, keep a safe distance from tattooist when working

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